Castel Juval Weissburgunder 2010


castel-juval-weissburgunder.jpgThis is a wine that makes you glad you live in Italy. The production is small (6,500 bottles), the wine is INCREDIBLE, and the price is insane - around 14 euro in one of the best enotecas in Florence,.

This wine at this price blows the doors off many white Burgundies from France costing 2 or 3 times as much or more.

After it warmed a bit from the fridge and was open for a while, the nose was of figs and honey, but it retains a sharply fruity/acidic minerality. On the palate it is complex with several citrus and other white fruit flavors and notes, especially green apple skin, grapefruit, pear, and lemon. It has a well defined smooth tongue near butter coating feel, but it ends in a white pepper/green olive oil throat tingle. A ton of interesting things going on and all of them good!

If you ever come across a bottle of this or anything from the producer, give it a try - you won't be sorry.

Castel Juval Weissburgunder 2010 fact sheet PDF (in German only).

Tasting the Tre Bicchieri 2010


Alder at Vinography tastes the Tre Bicchieri, so you don't have to! :(

Gary goes nuts for the 2004 Brunellos


I have yet to taste any of these. I tend to shy away from the big producers, but the La Colombina sounds interesting.

Matan Pinot Nero 2006, Ansitz Pfitscher



Since our drive through the Côte-d'Or last summer I have been more and more interested in Pinot Noir, or the Italian Pinot Nero. We had this bottle last night with escargot and it was definitely up to the task. A little more body that other Pinot Nero I have had recently, a little darker in color, and a very fruit forward first taste with some white pepper notes. A problem I have with Pinot Nero is that it can be so quaffable that I drink it too fast - and this is definitely a drinkable wine!

The producer, Ansitz Pfitscher, has been making wine for over 145 years - I think they know what they are doing with this grape. You can find more info on the Matan Pinot Nero 2006 here. I highly recommend this wine if you are a fan of Italian Pinot Noir.

Chianti Reviews


I have some older Chianti Classico and IGT reviews up on another blog - these are for vintages that probably are not readily available anymore, but there is some good stuff in there - links, etc. that may still be useful:

La Planeta Segreta 2007


la-planeta-segreta-2007.jpegReally enjoyed this wine - La Planeta Segreta 2007 - especially since I got it in the Mercato Centrale here in Florence for less that 5 €! An eclectic mix of 50% Grecanico, 30% Chardonnay, 10% Viognier, and 10% Fiano - it has a nice round mouthfeel balanced with a slightly acidic finish. Beautiful yellow color in the glass. Matched up against the more inexpensive Italian whites I am used to it is head and shoulders above in class - drinks more like a 12 € plus wine. Planeta is a newer and up and coming winery and this is a really nice effort.

alessandro-di-camporeale-Donnata.jpgAlessandro Di Camporeale DonnaTá 2007, Nero d'avola, Sicilia

I bought this affordable (about 9 €) bottle at Le volpi e l'uva a couple of weeks ago and we opened it last night as an aperitif. I had tasted it at the enoteca and thought it would be something smooth enough to drink by itself (compared to the rest of my collection of mostly Sangiovese based wines).

This is a newer wine from vines planted in 2000 and is definitely a commercial product (60,000 bottles) and made to drink. The wine does not go into wood at all. My take:

The nose is slightly sweet and jammy. Tasting it there are a lot of dark red fruits, with hints of raisin and prunes. A very supple, tongue coating mouth feel, smooth on the mid-palate and the finish. It is a sort of heavy, almost syrupy wine - but was great to drink alone and could pair with many different foods.

If you are a fan of this grape I have a feeling this is a very good example, especially at this price. On the web (with many more details about the production, food pairings, etc.) at: