Gambero Rosso 2011 for iPhone

gambero-rosso-2011.pngGambero Rosso Italian Wines 2011 has been completely revised to make it more attractive and easier to use and includes over 20,000 wines and 2,350 wineries. Find all the descriptions of prize-winning three glasses wines for the last ten years, with a special section dedicated to ones that sell for under twenty dollars.

  • Search for wine by name, producer, type, region, price, variety and score
  • Wine reviews including variety, appellation, price, Gambero Rosso score, with the possibility of adding your own photo, commenting, or sharing the information on the principal social networks
  • The unique section devoted to all the wines receiving awards from Gambero Rosso: new this year, all the three glasses wines of the last decade and a special section for the three glasses winners costing under fifteen euros.
  • Develop your own wine cellar, using the time-tested evaluation forms developed by Gambero Rosso
  • 2,200 reviews of wineries by zone, complete with production information, list of wines, services offered and all contacts necessary to organize your visits.
  • Extra content to help you understand how the three glasses method of evaluation was developed and works today, and a mini-guide on pairing food and wine.

Italian Wines 2011 Gambero Rosso - Gambero Rosso


Looks like a good app. Do you know if an Android version is coming for those of us that dont use the iPhone?

I don't know about that - I would imagine it is coming eventually. There is a ton of info in this app, but the means of accessing it definitely need to better developed. Pretty handy though, just for the links and email address of all the producers alone.

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