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Well... we don't have a wine shop anymore (as of March 2014)! If you are looking to find great wine while in Florence, I suggest you start at one of these fine wine shops:


  • Enoteca Bonatti - my personal favorite, a great "neighborhood" wine store with a friendly, knowledgeable staff. If you are in the Santa Croce side of town or near Piazza Beccaria, this is the best choice.
  • Enoteca Millesimi - if I died and was reincarnated I think being the French woman who owns this shop wouldn't be a bad life. Only the best of Tuscany and Italy here, with the absolute finest selection of French wine I have seen anywhere in Tuscany. Near Santo Spirito.
  • Le volpi e l'uva - a small enoteca, more of a wine bar (which also has fantastic food) - Le volpi e l'uva specializes in small producers at attractive price points. Another shop you can really trust - whether you are spending 8 euro or 40, you are not going to go wrong here. Close to the Ponte Vecchio in the Oltrarno.
  • Enoteca Marconcini - don't let the location inside the Mercato Centrale put you off - this is one of the most honest wine shops in Florence. Great products, great prices, great staff (photo above). Located inside the Central Market (San Lorenzo).
  • Enoteca Alessi (external link) - in the center of town, a fantastic selection in a huge cellar. Near the Duomo, across the street from Grom.

You will also find dozens of small wine shops throughout Florence. Most in the center cater to tourists and you will be charged an extra euro or two per bottle. If you love something and know it, by all means buy it - but I would not buy wine from producers you are not familiar with from these types of shops. You can also find a large selection of mostly commercial (but still many of high quality producers) in the food store chain Esselunga (locations throughout Florence but not in the very center).

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