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So I have learned a lot in the last couple of weeks. It seems the direct to consumer movement (wineries selling direct from the web) is growing rapidly, as is the amount of logistics/fulfillment houses that are providing these services (I am going to make a page here soon full of links of the various companies that provide these types of services). I have received a lot of valuable advice so far from Greg Roberts of Roberts Fine Wines. Greg is doing something very similar to what I want to do, but with French wines instead of Italian. So, I am much closer to finally bringing some wine to the US and being able to sell it legally in most states. At the moment, we are hoping for a September launch, but we may try one winery before that just as a test - I will keep you posted.

Today we will be attending the XIII Alla Corte del Vino event in San Casciano - unfortunately (in one sense) the wineries present are very large and already well represented in the world for the most part. I just want to do some selective tasting and poke around to see if any of them are interested in the direct to consumer model. Hopefully I will have some photos of the event to post.

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Too hot! It has been unseasonably hot in and around Florence for more than a week, and unfortunately that put a bit of a damper on this event. Pretty hard to drink reds when it is 90 degrees under the tent.

It was a great setting with great wine and food - but I hope next year it is a little cooler. I will be posting a couple of photos soon.

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