Chianti Classico Collection 2011, Fattoria Rignana


So we are here at the event - I posted a couple of quick pictures to Twitter - Cosimo of Fattoria Rignana and Francesco of Casa al Vento. Unfortunately the press access that I thought I was attending was only this morning - so instead of being able to sit here and taste wines brought to my by sommeliers and blog about them, I will have to walk around the hall. All that means is I won't be writing as much as I thought.

What I do have with me is a glass of the 2008 Rignana Chianti Classico - this is going to be our first wine in America. I just spoke with Cosimo, and once I send him the labels it shouldn't be long before the wine ships to California.

The wine is drinking very nicely now and has been in the bottle since around March 2010. It is naturally fermented and aged in oak, and while it has a strong tannic and acidic structure it is also full of dark cherry and red fruits on the front end with nice spice notes on the mid palate. It has been one of my favorite Chianti Classicos since I first tasted it, and it seems to be getting better with each vintage. It is very supple with a bright finish and just goes wonderful with roast pork, strong cheeses, and other grilled meats, savory, and fatty dishes. It almost makes you want to eat something off the grill!

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